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free event for worship time special needs

Jesus Cares, a ministry for people with special needs, meets again on July 11 at noon at Living Faith Lutheran Church in Midlothian. 

Having just met some neighbors at the Inclusion Rally (run by Bridges Training Foundation) and at Daymark Living, the Jesus Cares volunteers are excited to see their new friends this Sunday, plus welcome new visitors as well. 

Jesus Cares is a short, simplifed worship event designed for those with special needs. At Jesus Cares events, participants:

  • hear a devotion
  • sing and play musical instruments
  • pray
  • learn a short Bible verse
  • enjoy snacks
  • have fun!

Jesus Cares meets every second Sunday of the month for about 30 minutes, starting at noon. Keep updated on Jesus Cares events through the Facebook group, Jesus Cares Ministry at Living Faith Lutheran. Sample services are posted on the Living Faith YouTube channel.

For more information, call 682-282-8382 or visit 

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