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Jesus Cares, designed for people with special needs, now meets monthly!

Jesus Cares welcomes families with special needs to a short worship event each month to celebrate Jesus. 

Services are designed to make each part of worship have special meaning, especially for people with cognitive impairments.

In our services, we:

  • hear a devotion
  • sing and play musical instruments
  • pray
  • learn a short Bible verse
  • enjoy snacks and crafts
  • have fun!

Jesus Cares meets every second Sunday of the month for about 30 minutes, starting at noon. Services are held at Living Faith Lutheran in Midlothian. 

Keep updated on Jesus Cares events through our Facebook group, Jesus Cares Ministry at Living Faith Lutheran.

For more information, call 682-282-8382 or visit www.living-faith.church. Sample services are also posted on the Living Faith YouTube channel.

Let us know you're coming, and we'll have your nametag ready!




photo credit: Nathan AndersonUnsplash

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Thursday, April 8, 2021